Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Condition of Button Mushroom in Traditional Chamber

To get maximum production of button mushroom production using traditional growth chamber:
  1. Use the best planting spawn, not too young (no pink color of spores) and not seed too old (seed with more than two years), and no contamination. Better using seed with age of 2 to 5 weeks after inoculation.
  2. Use of fresh dry planting media, either rice stem or others, not too long exposed in open nature. The main problem of using rice stem is contamination of Coprinus Sp., the kind of other mushroom that grown faster. Coprinus sp. will disturb of button mushroom growing, if planting media don’t use immediately, keep the media on place that is free from contaminant.
  3. The mushroom chamber should be sheltered from direct rain and sun light, and fast wind blow, use chamber cover from coconut leaf, even though morning sun light still needed.
  4. Plastic cover or other substitute is needed to keep the humidity especially for a week after spreading mushroom seed. Make sure that the room temperature is not exceeding of 38 oC, this can kill of new seed, and coprinus sp. prefers high temperature than button mushroom. Little open the cover and make hole on the corner of plastic cover to reduce the temperature. Also can be sprayed water to the plastic cover to reduce the room temperature. On many cases the fail production because of direct sun light or because of too many rice stem piling (more than 6 layers), so make the temperature too hot.
  5. Planting media may not dry for about 1 t 1.5 month of production period. If using plastic cover may not need to spray water to the planting media, may be after the first harvesting may to spray water but don’t spray directly to the mushroom primordial or if there are still many primordial growth. On this harvesting season still use plastic cover, just one a day to open for giving fresh water to primordial growing stadium.
  6. Don’t use insecticide, except on the beginning step on chamber building, or after the first harvesting is finished and will make a second or next planting media. Azodrin and Melathion may use for preparation the next room before planting.
  7. Right fertilization will raise , mushroom production, if wrong use of medicine make the production fail, be careful! For every chamber need just 2 or 3 spoon of urea dissolved in water and sprayed over mushroom primordial.

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