Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Button Mushroom

Button and Paddy Mushroom or Volvariella Volvaceea is the most famous mushroom especially in South East Asia society, button mushroom is edible mushroom. This kind of mushroom has long been cultivated because include the delicious Mushroom and good texture so many people like it.

Button mushroom usually grown in cold temperature while paddy mushroom is good grown in warm temperature like in Indonesia climate. But not in dry season, paddy mushroom better gown in rainy season.

From the name of this mushroom volvariella volvaceae this mushroom has a volva or cover. Usually mushroom with cover are poisonous, except button mushroom. In Asia especially in Indonesia, people prefer button mushroom than other kind nonpoisonous mushroom.

The grown areas of this mushroom spread from China, Thailand, Filipina, Malaysia, Indonesia until East Beast of Africa. This mushroom has pale red spore, covered, and stem. The growing of fruit body is starting with primordial or nod stadium, small button, button, egg, longer stem and adult.

On the adult stadium, universal cover will left on the bottom like cap and different with stem or cover. On the last adult stadium the cover will full open like an umbrella, blade starting pale red color and brownish and ready to release basidiospora (spora).

Button mushroom grow on the media that contains selulosa like pile of rice straw, near the rice milling, waste of paper mill, waste of palm stem mills, waste of palm oil plant, waste of sago, waste of cotton, and others.

This mushroom can grow on the waste of many plant as growing media, the rest of this media can use as land fertilizer for other plantation like vegetable, fruits, maize, rice, and others. This mushroom can grow on many media, so for some place that no rice straw available also can cultivate this mushroom use other media.

Button mushroom is rich of protein and free carbohydrate, N-face carbohydrate, have medium fiber contains, and low fat contains. The energy contain of this mushroom is low but as good protein and mineral resources with contain high Kalium and phosphor.

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