Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Planting of Button Mushroom

We have known that button mushroom contain many of protein and vitamin that is good for our body, but to cultivate this mushroom is not easy, because this plant included as micro plant. Problem on cultivating a micro plant usually that this plant susceptible to plant diseases attack. The place must be cleaned and far from the waste of mushroom cultivating. Contamination form other kind of mushroom can come from the waste of this medium.

On cultivating mushroom there are several step should do:

  1. Isolation.  In this step isolation do until get a pure seed. On this method need a special technology that can be done only by mycology expert or microbiologist or by skill person under mycology expert or microbiologist supervision. The expert know how to maintain pure seed to avoid from contamination or degrade on genetic properties.
  2. Seed Production:  After got a pure seed from mycelium bank or from other collection supplier, the next step produce seed (spawn). On this matter the seed means mushroom mycelium, that look like white thread that grown on certain medium. For small farmer better get this seed from seed supplier. For big farmer more feasible to produce the seed by self, so they must have a mycologist expert. In developed country the seed producers can deposit pure seed to certified mycelium bank, and can be taken every times he need.
  3. Cultivating Mushroom: On this step then mushroom seed are spread over to the planting medium. The planting medium is variable, can use rice stem, bananas leaf, that have converted to compost. Generally mushroom farmer are beginning from this step to cultivate button mushroom.
  4. Harvesting. The last step are treatment after mushroom harvesting. Button mushroom usually sell on fresh or canned. Treatment knowledge should be known because fresh mushroom can only stand for two days. For the last step usually do by Mushroom Industry. Mushroom farmer only sell the product to the mushroom industry for canned or just sell directly the fresh one.

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