Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lontar Tree (Borassus Flabellifer)

Latin name of lontar tree is Borassus flabellifer. The tree is include on palm tree that grow in South East Asia. This tree become the identity of South Sulawesi of Indonesia, beside this tree Sulawesi also have many kind coco plant grown here like coconut. Lontar tree can be utilized from the leave, the trunk, the fruit and the flower to be bugged get Nira or Legen, and if this legen being fermented can be changed to palm wine.

Lontar Tree

Big Lontar Fruit
Lontar Fruit

Lontar Flesh
Lontar tree is include of palm or areca nut (arecaceae) that strong and grow high. The tree can have 10 meter of high. Lontar palm can grow in dry area. This tree often seen grow in east Java, Madura, Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi.

Lontar Fruit Ice

The fruit of Lontar palm can be made of fruit ice with the below recipe. The material needs:
  • 10 pieces of lontar palm
  • Fluid Milk 
  • Syrup
  • Ice

How to make:
  • Mix all the material and give ice inside the glass, this recipe enough for eight persons.

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