Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coconut become Favorite Fruit

Favorite menu in the month of fasting is a young coconut. Besides it tastes fresh young coconut fruit contains many properties for freshness. Properties contained by the coconut is indeed very much, besides containing many nutrients inside the coconut fruit is also very useful for health, especially because it contains substances that are not found in other fruits.

Young coconut water if drunk fresh, taste sweet because they contain a total sugars 5.6%. Besides having a number of macro and micro mineral, also contain vitamins and protein even in small amounts. Although the protein content of coconut water only 0.1%, but the ARG (12.75%), ALA (2.41%), Cys (1.17%), and SER (0.91%) is four types of amino acids is higher than to those contained in cow's milk protein. Therefore, young coconut water can be provided to the baby (Grim wood, 1979). Furthermore, from 12 types of amino acids in coconut water, seven in Among these are essential, namely: ARG, LEU,Lys, Tyr, HIS, PHE, and Cys.

Whereas Glu is the highest amino acid type and such that described on the nutritional value of coconut meat Young, GLU is also the highest which amino acid is an essential nutrient to the brain.

Natural beverages. Young coconut water including beverages are natural and hygienic as well as having nutrient composition is quite good. Therefore with young coconut water to drink in addition to
satisfy the thirst can also reduce the sense of hungry in a long while.

Cure some diseases. Water young coconut is known as a beverage many properties, such as killing worms stomach, a good drink for people with cholera (Woodroof, 1979), reducing the itching that caused by smallpox and other other skin diseases (Ketaren and Djatmiko, 1978). This is because naturally, the water young coconut has a mineral composition and the perfect sugar so as to have electrolyte balance is perfect, the same with human body fluids (Prasetyo, 2002). In during World War II, Japanese people who are in Sumatra and the British in Sri Lanka using coconut water as a alternative treatment in cases of cholera outbreak (Kumar, 1995).

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