Monday, August 8, 2011

There are no Duku and Rambutan Season

Why are fruit trees will bear fruit on dry season, it is becoming a very strange trait in general, if illogical, because the season that there was no rain and even hot, tree getting fruit. This is a hallmark of fruit crops in a long season like in Indonesia.



Duku Tree
Farmers in West Java confirmed loss of the season duku and rambutan fruit in 2010 was due to anomalous wet dry season of the year. "This year we could not harvest of duku and rambutan, because there is no drought because rain again and again, duku and rambutan flowers do not grow," said Abdullah, one of the farmers in the district Sukadana, Ciamis District.

As a result there is no dry season, the trees duku and rambutan flowers can not produce fruit that later become no duku fruit. According to Abdullah, the tree requires a dry season for flowering process.

Normally flowering in August and September already fruit. But because this year there was no dry season and then flower of duku and rambutan not appear. "Usually when the dry leaves fall duku and rambutan then grow again at the beginning of the rainy season, together within that time flower will be going to be fruit. This year we have to bite the fingers," said Abdullah.

Yet for some farmers in Ciamis, duku and rambutan harvest season are their annual 'piggy bank' that is never absent every years. On average each farmer has duku and rambutan trees and sell the fruit every year. But this year they just rely on other agricultural products that are also less yield.

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