Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fruit Of Indonesia

Many Kind of Fruits of Indonesia

The islands of Indonesia have the greatest diversity of fruits in the world, with over 400 species of edible fruits, nuts and seeds. Many kind of fruits can find out in Indonesian Market, but they are not Indonesian genuine fruits. Some of the fruit are resulted from hydride.

The most well-known Indonesian fruit throughout the year are banana, pineapple, watermelon and papaya, all of which were introduced many decades ago. Other fruit that can be founded in market are durian, dragon eggs (salaks), hairy red rambutans, and jackfruits with their redolent yellow flesh and the deliciously refreshing mangosteen.


The mango is one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits, and of those seen in the market are varieties of the common Indian mango (Mangifera indica), introduced to Indonesia centuries ago. In addition to this popular, widespread species, other wild species, play an important part in local cuisine.

Durian are another groups of plants with a wide variety of edible species. Only one, Durio zibethinus, the ‘King of Fruits’, is well-known. Farmed for its unforgettable smell, it is either loved or hated on first acquaintance and nearly every early travelers to the East was impressed by this fruit- one way or other.

As with wild mangoes, the wild relatives of the durian have been largely ignored, yet several varieties possess just as much potential for recognition as tasty fruits in their own right. Durio kutejensis, a common wild species from Kalimantan, is prized by those who appreciate the thick, cheesy, rich orange flash. Another wild species, D. oxieyanus from Borneo and Sumatra, has a milder flavor and has less vigorous aroma than D. zibethinus and is actually preferred by many who have tasted both. D. graveolens, also from Borneo and Sumatra, has smaller fruits with an orange to pink or even red flesh and with delicate flavor like that of avocado but it has almost no smell.

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