Friday, May 2, 2008

Edible and Poisonous Mushroom

Edible Mushroom from rice has form like umbrella and includes an edible mushroom. Mushrooms are plant that has no chlorophyll include of Agaricales of the class Basidiomycetes. The live of mushroom beginning with spora (basidiospora) then changed to filament called hive like fine yarn. This filament will grow spread all over the media, then from the hive group (mycelium) will grow a small lump like small yarn lump mean that the mushroom starting grow. From this small lump then growing bigger become small button, from the small button then grow until the egg stadium. From egg stadium then starting grow bar and the head of mushroom button then growing bloom. This bloom that is like an umbrella will merge spora that is ready to spread or fly by the wind to the other place to grow.

Determine a Poisonous Mushroom
As we know that are not all mushroom can be eaten, some of mushroom type very poisonous (toadstools). How we can differ a kind of edible mushroom and poisonous mushroom? Until now no accurate method to differ this, but use chemical analysis or experiment. A good way for mushroom hunter together with a key person or mushroom expert to determine that the mushroom is not dangerous.

Using a silver test is not guarantee that the mushroom is not poisonous. With this method mushroom is boiled together with silver spoon on the kettle, and the color of silver will change to blackish. But this method is not valid for Amanita Phalloides. The spoon color remain don’t change the color, when the spoon is boiled with Amanita Phalloides.

Several Tips must be attention on helping to identify a poisonous mushroom:

  1. Avoid to take a mushroom on button stadium, because on this stadium very difficult to differ many kind of mushroom.
  2. Avoid mushroom that is grow on feces and avoid a brown color under the umbrella.
  3. Always to taste small pieces of mushroom, even you have known that is an edible mushroom.
  4. Avoid mushroom when cut release a white liquid like milk.
  5. Even is not always poison, avoid mushroom that have bad smell.
  6. Don’t eat too old mushroom or nearly spoiled.
  7. Appearance and smell is not the clues that mushroom can eat.
  8. If there is a small bite of animals like rabbit or other animals is not the clue that mushroom is not poisonous.
  9. Don’t eat raw mushroom or not cooked.

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