Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mushroom Planting in the Closed Chamber

Button Mushroom planting in open chamber or traditional only can do on May to October as traditional farmer done in Hong Kong. For Indonesia the possibility of traditional planting is more narrow span because of longer rainy seasons. Better way for Indonesia is closed chamber method, beside more flexible time and more safe from pest attack. For commercial purpose the method use prefer closed chamber.

The media for planting in closed chamber basically same as traditional method, can be varied. The higher result usually uses rice stem and cotton waste. Cotton waste is better for first growth and rice stem use as substance for decay and nutrition stock for growth mushroom. Rice stem use must from dry fresh and cotton take from cotton spinning factory.

This media are result from mixture decay of those media; the composition can be 2 rice stem and 1 cotton waste or 1:1 and 3-4 % agriculture calcify. This mixture is then soaked in the water for 2-3 hours until 24 hours then extorted and pile in some place same as place like on traditional rice stem treatment. Then this piling is covered with plastic and lets for about 3 to 4 days of fermentation process. Everyday this piling must be taken up opposite down.

For using only rice stem as planting media, rice stem is mixed with agriculture lime about 1% and urea 1% and then fermented to 6 days. Everyday must be taken upside down. Before this media is placed into the chamber, mixed with 10% of rice bran, 1% of super phosphate and 1% of agriculture lime. This media also can mix with soaked and fermented cotton waste and ‘enceng gondok’ when placed in the mushroom chamber. This mixture can rise up the mushroom production if compare with just using of rice stem as growing media.

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