Saturday, August 23, 2008

Growth Chamber

Growth Chamber can be build with steel frame and plastic wall, or bamboo frame with plastic wall and plastic roof or using bamboo frame with coco-leaf and plastic roof. Growth chamber also can build by permanent building with the ideal size of 4 m x 6 m and 2.5 m of high.

Inside the chamber build two row of rack, that each of rack contains 3 to 5 stages. Growth chamber also must be completed with windows or electric exhaust fan for air circulation, foot candle lamp 50 watt can use when pasteurization and install when mushroom body forming. Day light lamp 60 watt, two pcs and heater that need anytime to keep room temperature at 28 ± 2 oC. Chamber room floor must be cemented to keep clean; the entire chamber must be able to close for steaming or sterilization.

Steam Generator Steam generator can be build using of 2 pcs of oil drum (200 liter volume) and join with steel pipe into the chamber. This drum is lay down outside the chamber, this drum have steam exhaust that join with pipe and enter into the chamber. Pipe in the chamber have many hole to distribute the steam. 200 liter of water enough for chamber with size of 4 x 6 x 2.5 m.

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