Thursday, July 24, 2008

Arrange Rice Stem on Cultivation Room

The fermented Rice stem about 2.75 gram of each. After rice stem is extorted then combine into one tied with about 45 cm in long and 10 cm in diameter. Arrange this tie on the room, both the top of tied should be leveling with cutting, and then tie about 2/3 from the top of rice stem piling. After all rice stem been tied then arrange in two rows in the base. The base can constructed from cement or using bamboo base, the aim is avoid direct contact with soil because water absorption or any other contaminant from soil.

One layer need about 40 to 50 of rice stem tied. The tie should be tight so there are aeration to avoid from excess water. On one room can be arranged until five layer, when tie is strong then there is no entrance air into the stem tie that can cause moldy quicker. On this way food supply for the mushroom will longer and crop period will longer.

Placing Mushroom Seed
Mushroom seed is spread on every layer before upper layer arrange over the last layer. Mushroom seed is laid with range about 7.5 cm from outside and put in 10 – 15 cm in between. The seed laid in one place about a thumb big with the sump up of mushroom seed for one room about 6 bottle (about 500 – 700 gram) seed. Before seeding, rice stem pile is wetted using hand spray.

Number of layer can be added if on seeding the temperature is low. With adding the pile layer hope the temperature can rise up until 35 oC. After the seeding finished, cover the pile with plastic to avoid direct sun rise and evaporation. This cover open sometime for air circulation and for arranging light amount enter. Sun light is needed for body mushroom growth, plastic cover always open as long mushroom body growth, except the rain come covered again by plastic. Rain water can destroy mycelium and body growth.

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