Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Maintain Mushroom Seed Quality

Source of contaminations for mushroom seed are come from seed and media to cultivate mushroom seed. In that connection we must keep sterile and keep the process condition always in sterile condition to reduce the contamination of other fungi and bacteria.

The seed of many mushroom usually can be kept in refrigerator to pursue the growth of mushroom for a while. Before the seed ready to plant, the seed should be reconditioning on the incubator at room temperature to bring back the nature active properties. Seed incubator after inoculation in room temperature may not exceed from 5 week.

If we see the seed using microscope, the existence of red clamidospora means mushroom seed have high fertility and high growth performance of that mushroom. Ready plant seeds may not keep either on the refrigerator or incubator with low temperature.

High growth activity of mushroom is needed to get a good growing and high product. Using seed that over of 5 week after inoculation will get a low product and low mushroom growth.

On traditional mushroom plantation, the plant media is not sterilizing, button mushroom will compete to grow with other mushroom and other microorganism. The mushroom seed must have high growth activity, If not high, button mushroom will loose to compete with other mushroom or organism to grow, but if the seed have a high growth activity then will win to compete and even make other mushroom or microorganism will die.

On the modern mushroom plantation, the planting media is be sterilize before mushroom seed if spread over the media. So other microorganism is not exist and mushroom seed will grow freely, before other microorganism can enter the media and grow.

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