Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mushroom Seed Quantity

The rice mushroom seed quantity needs per m2 planting media (substrate) are not directly effect to the product result, but the quantity will effected to pressure contamination effect on the growing media. As more seed quantity spread over the media, as faster mycelium will grow over the planting media so will press the growing of contaminant. So the production will always high because of no contaminant effect.

Generally the need of rice mushroom seed per m2 media for mushroom planting about 2 bottle of seed or 2 plastic bag that is usually volume contain about of 500 cc with five layers (as traditional way). With this way can result 2 to 3 kg of rice mushroom on eggs stadium and 1 kg mushroom longer stadium.

Other affected of the mushroom product is the seed quality used for mushroom planting, the seed quality that must be intended by mushroom farmer are as follows:

  1. Good seed is if mycelium grow fulfill all over media, avoid seed with too solid mycelium or too low intensity. Mycelium grow on the media may not localized or accumulate in certain area, this is meant that the seed contaminated and don't used for planting.
  2. When by mushroom seed must ask to the seller how long the seed can stand to keep. Better to buy seed that write an inoculation date, the seed after 4 week from inoculation date is called as expired seed.
  3. Seed that don't used yet must be kept on safe place, on cool room and free from sun rice. The seed that ready for planting can't keep on refrigerator or incubator with low temperature.
  4. When the seed bottle or seed plastic cover opened, all the seed must be planted. This to avoid from contaminations. So don't use rest seed of other planting date, this seed will bothering your mushroom seed.

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