Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Main Point on Cultivating Mushroom

On cultivating mushroom, this is not mean that the farmer should prepare every about mushroom seed themselves, those all preparation can only be done by bigger farmer. Preparation on producing mushroom seed only do by the expert, or skillful, this work may only producing mushroom seed, then mushroom farmers buy the seed from seed producers.

The mushroom seed have validation time, so the seed only prepare as order from mushroom farmer, so the seed will reach to the farmer in the right time. For mushroom farmer he must prepare everything to plant the mushroom seed include planting media preparation. This preparation need about 2 to 3 weeks before plant. So farmer must order the seed when he preparing the media.

Mushroom seed producers usually have their own place to plant the seed when the seed production is overproduction and also as seed test. They should have an expert connection to control the seed and ask for advice to maintain the seed quality. For producers don't sell old seed or age 3 weeks after the media full of mycelium. This seed have expired to plant and will produce a bad total product quantity.

As like in Cilamaya - Subang - Indonesia, the seed producers usually become a coordinator for all mushroom farmers, and buy all mushroom production from farmer. This coordinator called as Bandar. Bandar have own market to sell the mushroom production, and they will sell everyday the product to their customers.

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