Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Modern Button Mushroom Plantation

There are recognizing two ways in plantation of button mushroom:
  1. Mushroom plantation in traditional way or plantation outside chamber, the plantation that is used a pile of rice stem in layer (bedding material) as planting media.
  2. Semi modern mushroom plantation, that plantation using sterilizes media in the growth chamber. The growth media is attached in rack compile.
In modern Growth chamber, basically similar with the second method, only in a modern growth chamber the room space is narrower and the grow parameter can be set as needed.

On the first method is simple method that doesn’t need high cost, just need plastic for cover and room frame that can be building from wood or bamboo. On this method need wider area to plant if want get a big product.

Subject becoming constrain on traditional ways:
  1. Need wider area to place and lie the stem rice as planting media.
  2. Very easy contaminate by other micro organism, bacteria, rat, or other mushroom (aspergilus, rhizopus, penicilium, trichoderma).
  3. The product is lessening than using semi modern method; the result is depending on how to arrange the media, and how to handle contaminant and easy effect by weather.
The second method is using closed chamber, this is a good way for commercial purpose. On this method need high expense, because need to build room and steam generator for sterilization. On this method we can arrange the room condition, so the planting don’t depend on weather. While for planting media is known can use variety not just rice stem media.

Subject becoming constrain on modern ways:
  1. Need more expense to build plant chamber.
  2. Need other tool to control chamber conditions.
  3. Need labor resources to help on preparing and plating mushroom, because this method will use a much more planting media.
The benefit using modern method:
Get more product than traditional way 3 to 4 times per area. Using exactly media composition will get more product.

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