Thursday, July 3, 2008

Planting Mushroom in Dark House

I said this planting in a dark house because this room is not openly from sun shine. Almost all around this room is cover with dark cover such as rice stem. Before cover all around room with a dark cover, this room is cover with plastic first, so there is no direct contact with outside air. To top of this room (roof) also cover with dark cover and plastic. In part of this room is available with ventilation like windows that can open or closed as needed.

Inside of this room usually there are two row of multi rack stored, level of each rack is depend on your room height, but maximum advise only 4 rack level, because is too many level will make difficult to load into it.

This kind of room model is proposed for semi modern mushroom cultivation, because the modern mushroom cultivation have used many tools aid to arrange the room temperature, room humidity, and control of many others. In a modern cultivation many not used a plating media from rice farmer, because of too much contamination in this source.

As the mushroom expert from China said, for rice mushroom planting need temperature between 20oC to 28oC, if the air temperature down under 20oC so will never have production. Even can grow until button stadium, the mushroom will die after that. If sun intensity is too high or too many rain then the mushroom production will low, but if there are many cloudy and temperature is high, mushroom production will high.

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