Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Treatment of Mushroom Planting

Plastic cover is functioned until 5 or 6 first days growing after placing mushroom seed. Cover used to protect from direct sun light also for keep temperature on about 30-35 Celsius degree, and keep the humidity so no need water sprayed to the growing media.

Plastic cover better place on frame, in order not touch the growing mushroom. This cover can be used until the end of harvesting. Cultivation room can be built from coco leaf or under tree shelter.

Drainage around the pile can be filled by water if needed to keep the humidity (80%), and to avoid insect enter the mushroom cultivation area. Cutting unevenly rice stem piling in order easiest on harvesting.

Mushroom body growth and harvesting

Eight days after placing the mushroom seed, white mushroom primordial starting merge. Open plastic cover for several minutes in order to get fresh air and don't spray with water. Two or three days after the primordial growth, mushroom ready to harvest.

Mushroom harvesting must do in button stadium, before the next stadium. Mushroom should be harvested twice in a day for 3 days. Often mushroom growth is not in the similar growing. The first season of harvesting will stop for about 5 days and will any harvest season and on this season will continue for about one or two month. Mushroom production will get about 13.5 kg button stadium per 45,700 kg dry rice stem.

Using addition material like distillery, sugar solution and chemical fertilizer is not just increasing mushroom production but also can prolong the rice stem age that caused longer harvesting period. If material additive to much can cause prolong vegetative growth of mycelium and mushroom result will more bigger, but this is not good for mushroom production.

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