Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mushroom Seeding and Pasteurizes

After the mushroom media was fermented during 3 to 4 days, compost enter into the planting racks with tick about 15 to 20 cm. Hot steam from steam generator is entered into the closed planting room through the pipe to get temperature 70 oC as long 2-4 hours. After pasteurize lets the fresh air in and temperature decrease until 30 – 35 oC. Temperature down usually need about 24 hours.

Rice Mushroom Seeding

After the temperature down to 30-35 oC, next 8-12 hours then planting media on the rack is ready to be planted, mushroom seed is needed about 1 – 6% of media weight depend on the seed strain. Mushroom seed that will seed is separated and spread over all the media surface, for surface media with 3 m length and 1 m width need mushroom seed about 4-6 bottle with capacity about 500 cc.

After the mushroom seed is spread over the media, close all door and windows and try to keep the temperature room on 30 to 35 oC. To keep the temperature on between 30 to 35 oC sometime need heater on the room if the outside whether is not good. This condition is need for mycelium growth about 3 days.

After 8 days mushroom growth need sun rice to speed up the growth of primordial stadium, as soon as after this primordial grow the need fresh air in to the room need for mushroom body growth. Should be attention the planting media on the rack in never dry, and may be needed spray with water just in the surface using sprayer, and can be mixed with urea on the water sprayed with composition about 2-3 spoon urea per 20 liter of water.

Mushroom Harvesting

In about 10 to 14 days after mushroom seed was sprayed, button stage of mushroom has formed and mushroom ready to be harvested. After 2 period of harvesting with the time span of about 2 weeks, about 25 to 40% of mushroom product has obtained. Mushroom that should be harvested must on button stage, because on the next stage can say with down grade. Mushroom on the button stadia have high price value than the next stage and hold up longer for marketing. To avoid on getting low mushroom quality, harvesting must be done on twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. Mushroom that harvest in the morning ca be marketed until tomorrow morning, and mushroom that harvested on evening can be marketed until tomorrow evening.

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