Sunday, August 5, 2012

Historical of Potato

Potato is known by us already over long historical journey, even hundred years ago, potato already known by human. At the first time, potato is not known spreading and just grow in the cold area only. Then spread to the subtropical area and then to tropical area. The spreading from area to other area need long time.

Supposedly said Columbus is not the inventor of the continent, but also potato, thanks to Columbus make the potato can spread all over the world. Potato is originate from South America part can grow every where.

From this place potato spread to Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Columbia and Ecuador. Then potato bring by Spain merchant at about XVI century and spread to all over the Europe. In the XVIII Ireland can harvest potato until 10 ton per hectare, mean that hundred years ago they already expert on potato plantation. But in about XIX breach of potato crops on a large scale, because of world war.

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