Friday, August 17, 2012

Ketchup and Murabba Button Mushroom Recipes

Mushroom Ketch-up: 
Freshly harvested button mushrooms are washed in 0.05 per cent KMS Solution, sliced and cooked in 50 per cent of water for 20 minutes. Mushroom paste is prepared using a mixer grinder with 0.2 per cent Arrarote, 1.5 per cent acetic acid and other ingredients and cooked to bring its TSS to 35 0 Brix. Then the ketch-up is filled in the sterilized jars. Followings are the ingredients that are used for preparation of ketch-up are:

(i) Salt 10 per cent
(ii) Sugar 25 per cent
(iii) Acetic acid 1.5 per cent
(iv) Sodium benzoate 0.065 per cent
(v) Onion 0 per cent (vi) Garlic 0.5 per cent
(vii) Ginger 3 per cent
(viii) Red chilly powder 1.0 per cent
(ix)Ajinomoto 0.2 per cent
(x) Arrarote 0.2 per cent
(xi) Cumin 1.0 per cent
(xii) Black pepper 0.1 per cent

Mushroom Murabba 
A murabba is made by cooking it whole or in the form of pieces in heavy sugar syrup, till it becomes tender and transparent. In preparation of 1kg mushroom murabba 1.250kg of sugar is required and cooking is continued till a concentration of at least 68 per cent of soluble solid is reached. Freshly button mushrooms are graded, washed, pricked and blanched in 0.05 per cent Potassium mete bisulphite(KMS) for 10 minutes. It is treated with 40 per cent of its weight of sugar daily for 3 days. Then, mushrooms are taken out from the syrup and 0.1 per cent citric acid and remaining 40 per cent of sugar are mixed in the syrup. After making its concentration to 65 0 Brix, mushrooms are added in the syrup and the good quality murabba is prepared (Arumuganathan et al., 2005).

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