Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lotus Leaf Can not Wet

Why Lotus Leaf Can not Wet?
Why are superhidrofob lotus leaf stays dry even float on water, this phenomena have been solved by scientists in China.

The top of a floating lotus leaf is known as hydrophobic surface, water that falls on it directly spilled, and this principle has been used as a model for technology such as a window that cleans itself automatically. Lotus leaf is covered by a rough surface which has a waxy bumps that cause water to form a clot and slipped fell from the leaves. Now Lei Jiang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing and his colleagues have discovered why despite the lotus leaf floating on water, no water flowing into the leaf.

Electron microscopy showed that, near the tip of the leaf, waxy bumps replaced by a smooth surface consisting of folds and grooves, so it will prevent backflow of water droplets. This means that the leaves are 50% more resistant to submersion than a leaf model that has a smooth surface, unlike other types of leaves of aquatic plants which, though smooth and water repellent but not resistant when submerged and will be wet.

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