Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Blue Lily

Red Blue lily may can found in the natural lagoon and rice field. This aquatic plant also called as hydrophytic or hydrophytes is a plant that suitable with the water environment for their life. This plant can grow inside water with soil concentrated. Aquatic vascular plant can ferns or angiosperms. Seaweeds is not vascular plants but include of sea multicellular agae, so this plant can not include to water plants. Compare with other plants like mesophytes and xerophytes, hydrophytes have no problem in prevent water because much water in the environment.

Characteristic of hydrophytes:
  1. Thin cuticula, cuticle have function to prevent of water loss, the most part hydrophytes no need for cuticles.
  2. Open stomata because of much water and no need to store first.
  3. Increasing the number of stomata
  4. Structure less rigid to support the water pressure
  5. Leaf flat on the surface use to floating
  6. Sacs air use to float
  7. Small root, water can spread directly on the leaf
  8. Light root, don’t need to support plant
  9. Root can take oxygen from deep water

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