Friday, March 9, 2012

Spruce Three

Spruces, genus Picea, comprise about 50 species of over green conifers in the pine family, Pinaceae. They are widely distributed in the coniferous forests of the cooler north temperature and subarctic regions, particularly in China. Spruces extend as far south as the high mountains of northern Mexico, southern Europe, Anatolia, the Himalayas, and Taiwan. Seven species are found in the United States and are important forestry.

Sprece trees are characterized by their pyramidal form. The four singled needles last for up to 10 years and are borne on peglike stalks, which remain on older twigs. Egg shaped cones are produced mainly in the upper crown of the tree. Many Spruces reach heights of about 60 m (200 ft). The black spruce P. mariana, is an abundant conifer of North America. One of the most important Europe timber tree, P. abies, the Norway spruce, has drooping foliage. Spruce wood is used mainly for making pulp and paper.

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