Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Button Mushroom Cultivation Just Stand for 5 Months

Most button mushroom traditionally farmers just can stand for 5 months in their efforts, why this happened? Many factors that causes it can happen, if I classify based on what I know, the cause of the cessation of Mushroom cultivation is as follows.

Failed to produce with optimal benefit.

The cause was a major factor in their quit attempt to cultivate button mushroom traditionally, they are too quick to change the pattern of planting based on their instincts alone when not supported by sufficient knowledge or consultant for mushroom cultivation. They only communicate with the traders (who buy their mushrooms), actually merchant has no competence or are not concerned with optimizing the production of mushroom growers, or they communicate with the seller mushroom seed only, which obviously did not seriously consider the condition of mushroom farmer, which is too limited and can not meet all the requirements and do not supervise in detail to mushroom farmers.

Raw materials are not available continuously
Another cause is the limited raw materials. Mushroom farmers only familiar with one type of raw material for growing mushrooms, but the availability of raw materials is highly dependent on the season, so farmers can not survive to produce a continuous basis. Farmer don't familiar with other kind substrate for button mushroom growing. This has influenced the sustainability of their mushroom business because they also rely on seasonal labor works, so that in time to stop the mushroom production workforce is also stopped.

Drastic Change In Season
Traditional farmers obviously can not deal with this, drastic seasonal changes can cause them to stop production and even close their businesses, which are caused due to many factors, among others, also are included in the factors mentioned above. Production is not profitable, not available raw materials and labor also quit. Once they stop usually very difficult to get up again because of capital and labor factors are difficult to find quickly.

Just Trial and Error
The most frequent stop producing quickly is this factor, the farmer who just try and error, many factors for success in mushroom farming, unlike in trading, trial and error sometimes can be very profitable, but very different for the mushroom business, trial and error only will wasting money.

This traditional business operations must be improved both the method and mushroom production management system so that the farmers of this mushroom can life long time. Traditional system should be modified into semi modern cultivation system, even still use traditional equipment but the system should be changed into semi modern ways. For example on the sterilization ways should use better equipment and should separate with the growing place. Sterilization equipment should perfect and can reach the requirement needed on cultivation button mushroom. The place should be wide enough in order can arrange the place for cultivation and for waste.

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