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    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Substrate For Button Mushroom

    The composition of Button Mushroom Substrate
    Four formulas in the preparation of the substrate for the cultivation of the mushroom are given here as reference:
    1. Sawdust 82%, wheat bran 16%, gypsum 1.4%, Potassium phosphate dibasic 0.2%, and lime 0.4%.
    2. Sawdust 54%, spent coffee grounds 30%, wheat bran 15%, and gypsum 1%.
    3. Sawdust 63%, corncob powder 20%, wheat bran 15%, Calcium superphosphate 1% and gypsum 1%.
    4. Sawdust 76%, wheat bran 18%, corn powder 2%, gypsum 2%, sugar 1.2% Calcium superphosphate 0.5% and urea 0.3%
    You can select one of the above composition for cultivation your button mushroom

    For industrial scale button mushroom is cultivated in large room like on the below picture that cultivated in Korea. 


    Caitlin said...

    I like button mushroom. It would be nice to grow them in the backyard!

    Adi Grahito said...

    Thanks for comment Caitlin, button mushroom become very interesting to be cultivated, because it can be cultivate in fast time to produce and can result in huge product in just short time, not like other plants that need months and even years.

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