Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rotten Durian

Durian is fruit from Indonesia and also can come from other Asean Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and may come from Philippine. The special properties of Durian is the strong smell even the fruit already eaten all but the smell stil there. Some people believe to omit this smell by drink of the water rinse from the skin of Durian itself.

The unique smell of Durian sometime use as odor of some food like for candy or other beverage and also ice cream. Some people don't like this smell even they don't like the Durian fruit because of this strong smell. If you never eat Durian, don't eat too much, it can make you stomachache and even make you feel dizzy, this because you like drunk of Durian fruit. Durian fruit contain of alcohol so if you eat too much of this fruit you can drunk of Durian fruit.

Durian fruit is useful for fragrance and can be mixed with food to make special taste of food with durian taste. Rotten Durian also still use to make a food like Dodol Durian, even not all dodol durian make from rotten durian but many people use it as the mixed component and make the price lower. Rotten Durian have color more old with the fresh one, fresh durian usually have pale yellow color, and rotten durian have old yellow color.

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