Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Indonesian Market Flooded by Import Chili

Indonesian traditional markets in Surabaya flooded with chili imports from China and Vietnam. Chili is sold in the market because it is cheap. Price chili imports only Rp 35,000 per kilogram (kg), far below the local red Chili of Banyuwangi reaching Rp 80,000 per kg. "The small traders who usually buy local chili from Banyuwangi or Probolinggo now partially switched to imported chili."

One of chili each day traders can sell 500 boxes of chili imported. One carton contains 5 kg of chili. In fact, at certain moments, like when the supply of local chili drag, demand could rise to 600boxes.

Chili imports sell vegetable traders in Wonokromo, chili imports are bought because the price is very cheap. Local chili usually could sell a quintal, now only 50 kg. Some customers still buy local because it is more spicy chili, but because the price is high, they also mix it with the imported chili.

Current prices are still high for local chili because farmers failed to harvest. In bad weather conditions like today, chili farmer could only harvest 60 percentof the ordinary. Usually produce 6-7 tons of chilifields, but now the maximum is only 4 tons. If the weather back to normal conditions, farmers will be hit because prices will be depressed very low chili.

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