Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lemons, Citrus Limon, of the Rutaceae family, are the most widely grown acid species belonging to the Citrus group of fruits. They rank third among all citrus fruits. They rank third among all citrus fruits in tonnage produced. The lemon is grown most successfully in mild coastal climatic regions. This fruit can find in Thailand, Malaysia and also from Indonesia.

Lemon trees are similar in appearance and longevity to Orange Trees. Propagation and cultivation are also similar, although the lemon profits more from heavily pruning. Lemon fruits have an ellipsoid shape, often with a neck on the stem (peduncle) end and a nipple on the other (stylar).

The fruit contains 30 to 45 percent juice depending on variety, climate, maturity, and storage. The acid in the cessed into frozen or concentrated juice and such by products as citric peel oil, pectin, and cattle feed.

The lemon is a small tropical tree with fragrant while flower, its yellow, acidic fruit is an important source of  Vitamin C.

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