Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lemon Cucumber

Lemon Cucumbers is a fresh fruit crops with high water content such as general type of cucumber. Lemon cucumbers are naturally no taste but some of then rather sweet so it is easy to be felt as to interfere Lemon Cucumber especially potassium-rich mineral content and vitamin A and dietary fiber. And nutrients contained in the cucumber and cantaloupe useful role to increase endurance, healthy kidneys and spleen, and lower blood pressure.

Cucumber plants are cultivated by seed. Seeds can be planted directly in the planting hole as much as 3 seeds / hole.

How to grow cucumbers faint:
  1. Clean the area of weeds, grass, trees that are not needed.
  2. Soil treated with plow / shovel as deep as 30-35 cm, turning the soil. Make the planting hole with Portugal with 100 cm spacing between rows and 50 in a row.
  3. Seeding 2-3 cucumber seeds and cover with thin soil, watery the surface beds. The seed will grow after 3-5 days.
  4. Watering is done every morning and evening
  5. Weeding done to remove weeds around.
  6. After 1-month-old covered with dry weeds to maintain humidity.
  7. The fruit can be harvested after 2-3 months.
  8. The fruit is harvested in the morning before 9:00 hours by cutting the fruit stalk with a sharp knife.
This plant spread like a bush are here:

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