Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vanilla Cultivation

To cultivate vanilla is not very simple because vanilla just can grow in tropical with warm temperature, if the temperature too cold, vanilla also difficult to grow. Vanilla need a tree propagation for growing the vanilla plant. This tree also can't be any tree, it should be like legume can be used as propagation tree, like Chinese legume, either this plant is strong and also very suitable with the growing of vanilla tree. The disadvantage of this tree is long to be planted, it just can be planted in fast way by grafting the Chinese legume.

Vanilla is the name given both to a genus of tropical orchids and to the flavor extract obtained from the fruit pods of several of its species. The best and most important commercial extract is obtained from V.plantifolia, which like other members of the genus, is a climbing vine with aerial roots and fragrant, greenish yellow flowers. The Aztecs introduced Spanish explorers to vanilla in the early 16th century, and soon afterward it became popular in Europe.

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