Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Fruit

Pumpkin is a name commonly given to fruit or the genus Cucurbita of the ground family, Curcubitaceae. The name Squash is often interchange with "pumpkin". Most varieties that are called pumpkin have orange fruit, very long vines, and stems that are firmer and squarer than those of other squashes. The most common pumpkin, a variety of C. pepo, has been cultivated for so long that a wild form no longer exist.

Pumpkin grow on training vines that bear broad, rough leaves and are pumctuated by yellow flowers and ten drills (right). The gourdlike orange fruit has a smooth, thick, slightly furrowed rind.

Pumpkin seeds are planted in groups called hills. They are not harvested until the skin is tough, about 120 days after seeding. Pumkins do not keep as long as winter squashes and must be picked before frosts occurs.

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