Saturday, February 27, 2010


The ruspberry plant rather different with strawberry plant, but the fruit is similar with straberry and have the similar taste like strawberry, little sour taste. The rushberry plant, a member of the genus Rubus, family Rosaceae, is widely cultivated for its fruit. It comprises the group of plants commonly called brambles.

The crowns and roots of brambles are perennial; the thorned canes, or fruiting portion of the plants, however, are biennial, bearing in their second year and then dying. Native to many parts of the world, the raspberry, the raspberry is axceptionally hardy and flourishes even in the northern United states and southern Canada. Varieties include red, purple, and black raspberry and "everbearing" cultivars that produce two corps in a seoson.

The red raspberry is a biennial that bears fruit on canes. It is easily cultivated and is one of the hardiest of berries.

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