Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Custard Apple

The custard apple is one of the two species, or a hybrid, of fruits in the Annona genus of trees and shrubs, family Annonaceae. In southern Florida, the term is applied to the pond Apple. A. glabra, and the bullock’s heart, A. recticulata in Australia, it is applied to the atemoya, a cultivated hybrid of the cherimoya, A. squamosa. The soursop, or guanabana, A. muricata, of South America, and the North American Papaw, Asimina triloba, are related species. Cheimoyas grow at moderate altitudes in Andean South America and have been introduced into Spain and California. The sugar apple grows near sea level in tropical America and has been introduced into Florida and tropical Asia.

The Custard Apple tree is native to tropical America and thrives in warm climate gardens. It bears lotuslike and warty green fruit that turn brown. This fruit has sweet taste and often don’t like to eat because contain many of seed inside, either way this fruit fever to make a juice. The fruit skin is like a snake skin but with green color, and turn to brown when it ripe. In tropical like Indonesia is grow wildly and found many in the jungle, but sometime also planted in their garden as an ornament. This fruit may fed by monkey and bird, and some small bird like build their nest on this plants to lay their eggs when she want to breed.

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