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Gurame Fish Farming

GURAME FISH (Osphronemus Gouramy)

Gurame a fish that has a slightly slower growth but the relative price increases at any time. To DKI Jakarta, fish species are suitable because they do not require running water.

To provide guidance for people who are interested in cultivation this fish the following procedures outlined of cultivation.

Type of carp known to form on 2 society based:
  • Gurame geese (gurame soang): body relatively long, relatively broad scales. Size can achieve weight 8 kg, 65 cm long.
  • Gurame Japan: a relatively short body and smaller scales. Size achieved only 45 cm with a weight of less than 4.5 kg.
If seen from the color is black gouramy, white and striped.


Mother used should reach the age of 3 years.
To distinguish between male and female parent can be seen from the characteristics as follows:

Female Fish

Female fish have pectoral fin base dark or blackish color, the color of the female fish's chin whitish or slightly brown, if placed on the floor, the female fish did not show any reaction. We recommend that elderly 3 ~ 7 years.

Males Fish

Male fish have fins bright primary or whitish, have a yellow chin, thicker than the females and the panhandle. Male parent when placed on the floor or the ground will show the reaction to the way up the base of her fin up.

In addition to know the difference of male and female parent, should also note the success of this gouramy seeding. Parent has aged 3 ~ 7 years. Unlike the parent fish from field, carp are the main growing old will spend more eggs, the abdomen will be rounded and relatively long with light body color. Scales try not handicapped / missing and still in a state of well-organized. Dams are old enough and mature sex marked by stomach will enlarge to the rear or near the anal opening. In the anal canal will appear reddish white. And when we try to feel the soft belly to the porch.

Fish Spawning

Water supply is at early morning, before 10:00 the pool was filled with water by half. Fish Parents who had escaped inclusion in the selection pool carefully and lovingly.

Comparison the number of male and female parent usually 1:1 - 14. With expectations of at least one male fish can marry of 2 mothers fish in one pull. Once released in the spawning pond is usually the male parent does not automatically make a nest directly, but first a walk, swim here and there to know its territory. After 15 days of release, the male parent is usually preoccupied with their activities directly to the nest.

Diameter of the nest is usually about 30 cm, which is usually done by the male parent during a week (7 days). Once the nest is finished, male fish quickly finds and seduce the female parent to get together make laving in the nest. These dams will inject eggs into the nest through a small nest hole, then males will spray his sperm, which finally happened in the conception of this roofed palace. Unlike the goldfish spawning only a few hours, this carp spawning usually takes quite long. Male parent in charge of guarding the nest during the spawning took place.

After spawning is complete, usually the mother's turn who guarded his descendants, by first closing the nest hole with fibers or dry grass.

With his instinct as a good parent, usually the mother is keeping her son did not forget wag fins especially towards the nest. Fin movement dams will increase the dissolved oxygen content in water. Water with sufficient oxygen content will help incubate the eggs in the nest. For as is known, the eggs need oxygen in the process became the fish seed. While a mother's love keep her child, the male fish will come back up the nest and attract other dams to
continued his descendants.

From the pool we could find out the parents who has eggs without falling into the pool with a view of the fishy smell and looks of the oil layer just above the nest spawning.


Hatching eggs can be done in the paso, aquarium or plastic buckets. How to move the eggs from the nest to paso/tank done carefully not too rough to avoid the egg is not broken.

Nest material from the fibers is 5 cm below the surface of the water and has been closed meeting, was appointed in a bucket containing 3 - 4 of clean water. Nest facing up and drowned and then slowly opened the lid nest, the eggs will come out and float on the surface of water. Furthermore eggs removed using a small plate moved to paso-aquarium tub or bucket filled with clean water has been deposited yan. Replacement of routine water to hatch eggs perfectly and hatching eggs that are not immediately released. Eggs will hatch within 30 ~ 36 hours.


During 5 days the seeds do not need the extra food, because it is still sucking the yolk (yolk sack). After that time the seeds need food to be supplied from outside. if still do not cast in the pond yet, must be fed by infusoria.

If the seeds were scattered about to the pond, the pond should be drained and nourished with manure 1 kg/m2. After a week the seeds were scattered, when the pool water has turned into a greenish. Seed gouramy age about 7 days can be marketed, the market system is a nest selling so that the nest can be improved germination frequency.

The density of development pond about 50 ~ 100 ekor/m2, while the pool is used ranging 50,250 m2

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