Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mahogany Tree

The name mahogany is applied to a number of timber trees in the mahogany family, Meliaceae, and to their wood. True mahogany wood is the product of the approximately six species of original mahogany of commerce is the West Indies and southern Florida. Its compact, hard, handsomely grained heartwood is generally deep reddish brown and has been used for fine furniture since about 1500. Because of over cutting, it has been replace by the Honduras mahogany, S. macrophylla, as the primary source of true mahogany. African mahogany is obtained from two genera of trees is also in the mahogany family, Khaya and Entandrophragma.

The generally soft, stringy wood of at least half a dozen species of Asiatic trees is marketed as Philippine mahogany. These include the philippine cedar, Cedrela; the lauans, Shora and Parashorea; and the lumbayao, Heritiera. Two Australian eucalyptus trees used for timber are also known as mahoganies; Eucalyptus acmenioides, the white mahogany, and E. resinifera, the red mahogany.

Formerly in Indonesia mahogany as side street tree, but now this tree has been cut and change with Acacia or others, this because the fruit of mahogany can dangerous for transportation when falling down. The fruit of mahogany believe have benefit for health and many pharmacy industry used the seed to process become a medicine.

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