Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is Organic Tea

Do you know what is organic tea? Organic tea is just the term only, not different with other tea. the different is just how they produce the tea begining from the cultivation. Organic tea said not contain any polluted chemicals because on the plantation is not using pesticide or insecticide even other chemicals substance to produce tea on the factory.

Just the truth of the producers to say that their product are really organic tea. Have years ago Indonesian tea, is really use organic tea, but after they known some insecticide and pesticide they use it on their tea plantation.

The production method is avoid of using chemical to process or pesticide and insecticide on cultivating tea as raw material. Organic tea brewed with hot water only, of the original tea leaves and do not use the other mixture.

So the benefit of using organic tea that it is unpolluted. Organic tea satisfies folks having superior taste. It assures purity and high quality. Other scientific reason of using organic tea is because content of higher concentration of polyphenols and catechins. Then known that these organic chemical have good effect to our body.

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