Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bamboo Cultivation

Bamboo is a plant that good for water conservation because can prevent the soil from erotion, it's a moist deciduous forest with amazing shola forest and grasslands. Bhadra bamboo species is unique, its big bamboo comes under family poaceae, bamboo is a type of grass which can grow more than 120 feet, big bamboo grows in a clumps.

Japan bamboo (my country said this bamboo)  is really good for a fence, this bamboo can grow very close each other so there is no space between them. people or big animals really difficult through them. I try to cultivate this kind bamboo by just cut the bamboo tree and just plugged on the ground, they will grow the leaf right on the bamboo segment. The segment also should be on the ground to grow the roots, the upper segment will grow leaves. So it very easy to cultivate bamboo, if you plant on the rainy season you can plugged directly in the field but if the water is not enough you can plant first in polybag or in your garden.

Japan Bamboo

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