Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheap Tomato Sauce

Be careful to buy cheap tomato sauce, because this sauce produce from rotted material. This tomato sauce can be recipe mixed from many rotted materials like rotted tomato, rotted papaya, rotted onion, and can also mixed with rotted potato.

As we know if tomato can't be sell for two days, it can be rotted and it should be through away. This kind tomato can contain many bacteria or maggot that can make disease to our body. Tomato on the plant can't keep for long time, it should already sell in two days, because the tomato may be have one or two days on travel to the store. In three days fresh tomato can be changed into rotten tomato.

Fresh Tomato
Rotten Tomato
This rotten tomato may available in large amount, so the merchant won't loose too much from this incident, so they are sell this rotten tomato to small industry that utilize this rotten tomato into cheap sauce production. This sauce then package by bottle because bottle package also cheap. They can't package in sachets, because sachets packaging will rising the price significant and make the price double.  

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