Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Soybean

Soybean (Ind: Kedelai) varieties irradiated nuclear named by Pearl 1 was done by the researchers of the National Nuclear Energy Agency during the six years between 2004 and 2010. Harry with Arwin, Tarmizi, Masrizal, and Muchlis Adie, Pearl 1 is the first soybean researcher who launched the high yielding varieties by the Ministry of Agriculture Suswono on July 22, 2010. Description soybean Pearl one of superstores based on the average weight of 23.2 grams per 100 seeds. This is bigger than the United States imported soybean that is only about 18 grams per 100 seeds.

A pearl 1 is the result of gamma ray irradiation. Iradiatornya owned called Gammacell-220. Penyinarannya capacity only for one kilogram of seed. This is called nuclear irradiation, ie irradiation using radioisotopes to change the nature of the chemical and physical properties that emits radioactive rays. The term is different between irradiation and radiation. Radiation is the emission of radioactive rays in every uncertain direction, while the irradiation is radiation which is directed to a specific focus.

Gamma ray irradiation augmented genetic diversity. The influence caused the first generation usually physical damage. In the second generation segregation or genetic diversity of selection. Then start mapped to obtain the desired properties.

A pearl 1 is the result of gene mutations in local soybean varieties Muria. Change the desired gene can not be obtained immediately. This is what requires a relatively long time until six years to get a pearls seed with a desired gene.
Pearl one, besides a large seed, also had a leaf rust disease resistance (Phakospora pachirhyzi Syd) and resistant to leaf blight disease or brown spots (Cercospora). Pearl is also a shoot borer resistant (Melanagromyza sojae).

Soybean seeds after gamma sunlight cobalt (Co) 60 for about 15 minutes with a dose of 150 gray areas that experienced changes in the genome. This is as a seed nucleus. Core seeds and then planted to produce the main seed obtained more seeds as basic seed. Basic seed obtained from seed of the principal. Then, from planting the seeds of this subject is obtained which is called the spread seed.

With an average stem height 46.8 inches, a soybean Pearls 1 can be harvested at age approximately 82 days. At age 30 days, Pearl was a purple flower.

Soybean yields of the Pearl one is similar to other local soybean varieties that have a protein content of 37.7 percent and 13.8 percent fat content. This is very suitable for the production know with very high yield up to 373.3 percent. Also suitable for Tempe production by 193.3 per cent yield. Such local varieties of soy flavor is preferred to know rather than imported soybean for Tempe.

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