Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dangerous of Transgenic Plant

Transgenic plant is dangerous! Danger for the farmer, danger because farmer become dependent to the Agro industry. Farmer can’t be an independent people, they just be depend to the seed industry, that actually very selvis. This industry have created of many plant with high productivity until they create a plant with high productivity without seed. What this mean? This mean that the farmer can’t plant from the seed by them self. Farmer will only by a seed from those Industry with high price for just a small quantity. Actually the price is very expensive if compare to the quantity but farmer have become dependent to this seed industry.

So transgenic product is dangerous, dangerous to the dependency of farmer. Some of the transgenic product as follows:

1. Fine Pong Tofu "Poo" produce by Sari Lezat
2. Tofu Jepun produce by Kong Kee Food
3. Tempe Murni Super Djimmy
4. Chocolate Soybeen Milk merk Sarinah
5. Ohayo Soybeen Milk produce by Harum Sari Food
6. Formula milk NUTRILON SOYA produce by Nutricia
7. Corn Flakes Petales De Mais produce by Contimas
8. Potato Chip Mister Potato produce by Pacific Food
9. Potato Chip Pringleys produce by P&G
10. Cornstarch/Maizena merk Honig

Many transgenic plant have produce by seed producen such as Soybeen, Cotton, Watermelon, Durian, Tomato and many others and will more plant will develop by this technology.

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