Sunday, June 21, 2009


Tomato have Greek name Solanum lycopersicum. Tomato  have been spreading used in food recipe for their cook and many individual and industrial use to produce sauce. Such as the well known one is Ciopiono Sauce from Sea Harvest Restaurant, Carmel - California.


Tomatoes are the most widely used canned vegetable in the United States. About 75 percent of the total tomato crop is processed in juice, canned tomatoes, sauces, pastes and ketchup Tomato is the common name for a perennial herb, Lycopersicon Lycopersicum, of the Nightshade family, solanaceae, and for its edible fruit. Like the potato and the green pepper, to which it is closely related. Spanish explorer introduced tomato seed into Europe and North America, but the "love Apple" did not become popular in either area the 19th century, because tomatoes are warm season plants and sensitive to frosts, they are grown as annuals in temperature climates. Rich in potassium and vitamin A and C Vitamin, varieties range in size from 2 cm (less than 1 in) in diameter to over 15 cm (6 in), in color from white to yellow, orange, or deep red, in shape from ovals to oblongs to teardrops and in flavor from highly acidic to very sweet. Except in Alaska, fthey are cultivated commercially in Indonesian, and other South East Asia country and every U.S. state. 

Tomatoes that are machine harvested green and chemically repined have very little taste compared to vine ripened fruit. Bioengineer perfected a gene-altered tomato that can be picked ripe and stays firm on the shelf.

For industrial use this tomato fruit to produce a tomato sauce, and for general use tomato usually use as tomato sauce and also for make a baverage like tomato juice. Because of many purpose can be applied to this tomato fruit, many different kind of tomato been screen into different purposes. A best tomato quality usually use as baverage or vegetable purposes. A bad quality can use to make a tomato sauce.

Tomato Farmer use hibride tomato seed to make the tomato product more than if use traditional tomato seed. Farmer more believe to use seed that come from seed industry because they don't want to speculate for their tomato planting will produce less tomato at the end that can make them loos the money from their tomato planting.

How to make tomato seed?
For this purpose first you must select the best tomato as seed candidate, this tomato should suit with your classification, for example, big tomato, red color, good taste with no diseases sign on the tomato fruit. To make a seed from tomato, first mean by fermentation process.

To make seed you slice the tomato and out all fruit to the cup, then mixed with a little water to make easy to filter. Use small hole filter so the seed is not go through the filter hole. After you get all the seed then lets in the cup and cover the cup with plastic and keep in warm location for several days. This process means fermentation, this process need about 3 days.

After fermentation process, then rinse the tomato seed with water several time and filter the seed, then spray in the plate to dry but don't in hot temperature even this can make seed dead. This drying process need several days, after the seed not stick each others this mean that seeds have dried.

Tomato seed dried can keep in a plastic sealed or in an envelope to avoid from contamination from fungi or other germ that make the tomato seed dead.

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