Saturday, March 21, 2009


Snapdragons is a shrub flowers and have a reddish color flower. This flower can be cultivated in multi culture are such as in tropical or subtropical season. This flower also can be a artistic flower for room decorative and a party decoration flower.

Snapdragons are a genus, Antirrhinum of flowering plants in the figwort family, Scropphulariaceae. The common snapdragon, A. majus, is the most popular species used in gardening. It is an annual or perennial that grow 90 cm (3 ft) tail and has white to purplish red flowers up to 3.75 cm (1.5 in) long. Hybrids have many intermediate shades of color

Common snapdragons are grown in flower beds and are popular in cut floral arrangements Children like to pinch the base of the flower, causing it to snap open and shut.

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